Read about different ways to lower your energy bills, FAQs about solar, our recent projects and more in our monthly newsletter editions

JULY 2019

If this is your first time reading about Solar PPAs, here is a quick list of  Frequently Asked Questions to help you learn more about them


On this month's edition, find out how solar energy can help park cars permanently, create an immediate forest and improve your product's environmental credentials! We outline the environmental benefit of solar and a simple guideline to pre-assess how you could boost your green credentials.

MARCH 2020

On this month's edition, read about our first project in the sunny state
of Queensland.

APRIL 2020

On this month's edition, read our CEO's message addressing how we are navigating the pandemic. We also discuss the key role Renewable Energy could play in the economic recovery.

APRIL 2019

Learn how we can help you keep your energy costs down

JUNE 2019

Learn how Energy Terrain's Solar Power Purchase Agreement can supply you with cheaper, cleaner power.


If you've been considering getting solar for your business but don't know where to start, here are three ways to access solar power and how Energy Terrain can help


Learn about our work reading about one of our recent agreements with Hornet Press Pty Ltd.


One of the drawbacks that stifle the adoption of solar energy are people who mistakenly equate renewable energy with free energy. Ultimately, some people can be left disappointed in the system. Let us tell you the good news on this month's issue.


Learn how our agreements bring value to our clients through one of our recent projects in Smeaton, Victoria


Read about how we have helped Australian businesses get access to low-cost, clean energy in 2019

JUNE 2020

On this month's edition, read about all the benefits Solar PPAs can offer after one year in our first annual review with one of our foundation clients.

JULY 2020

On this month's edition, find out how to estimate the rooftop solar system size that best fits your business needs. In this article we will outline a simple guideline to pre-assess your potential benefits.

MAY 2020

On this month's edition, we discuss the role Rooftop Solar could play in the economic recovery and how Solar PPAs can help boost your business' cash flow as the restrictions start to slowly lift around the country.

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