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Solar PPAs benefit business from the start.


Solar Power Purchase Agreements (Solar PPAs) provide businesses using (ave.) 170+kWh/day, with a simple and quick solution to access clean, low cost electricity. With no upfront capital required from the client, Energy Terrain sells the rooftop generated energy to the business under the roof.  At the end of the agreement term (10, 15 or 20 years) the client can own the system for $1.

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Client Benefits from a Solar PPA.

Clean Energy

Solar-powered energy increases the natural, green, environmentally friendly credentials of any business.

Increased Control of Costs

The price paid per kWh for our rooftop energy is fixed.  This energy price certainty is a terrific hedge for your business, and comes with a floor price guarantee.

No Upfront Cost

Energy Terrain uses its money to design, install, own, operate and maintain the solar system. No upfront capital required.

Future Protection

At any suitable juncture, storage batteries can be incorporated, clients can expand, cancel or buy the system anytime (Charges may apply).

Immediate Cost Reductions

Reasonable savings commence from the moment our system is commissioned. Keep the extra cash in your pocket.

Bill Holiday

Clients can choose a cash-flow boost! Energy Terrain's first bill can be suspended for 6 months after installation.

Why consider being a Solar PPA Reseller? 


Energy Terrain is seeking to increase our Solar PPA Reseller group to expand our reach to non-residential prospective clients. We believe in partnering with existing sales professionals (individuals and complimentary businesses) to take our solution to prospective clients.  This belief is centred on the importance we place on strong client relationships and feel that we can provide sales professionals (as Resellers) with new complimentary services they can use to service their clients.

Energy Terrain believes in partnerships that are mutually beneficial and flexible, permitting Resellers the freedom to apply themselves in a way that best suits their own circumstances, and rewarding well.

Reselling Solar PPA’s works for all stakeholders.


  • Clients: Low cost, green energy without spending any capital.

  • Reseller: A new innovative renewable energy  service to sell to earn commission.

  • Energy Terrain: Increased market reach, new clients to support and build long term relationships with.

Frequently asked questions.


Will Energy Terrain provide training?

Absolutely.  Energy Terrain is committed to keeping you all skilled and will provide Reseller Sales Training / Workshops.  Level 1 for new faces fortnightly and Level 2 for signed on Resellers in the alternating fortnight to share insights and experience.

How will Energy Terrain support me?

Energy Terrain is committed to your / our mutual success.  We will supply all Resellers with best in class pre-sales collateral, technical analysis, pricing, presentations, contracts, and 100% of installation and commissioning management. 

How will I be rewarded?

A Base Commission payment, based on the size of the installed Solar PPA rooftop system is paid on every deal.  An additional Value Commission provides opportunity to share upside margin.

What if I don't sell anything for a long time?

We trust that you are doing what you want to do. You set your pace and effort level that suits you.  We want you to be successful, and by extension Energy Terrain wants to succeed by supporting you and the clients you sign up.

What if I want to stop being a Reseller?

At any stage on our journey together that you want to stop being a Reseller, you can.  Standard non-compete periods exist in our Terms and Conditions.

Will I need to be a Solar Energy specialist?

No.  Energy Terrain is the Solar PPA Specialist.  Our resellers group will be supported with training to enable the necessary conversations.

What will I need to sign & start?

A Mutual Confidentiality Agreement prior to attending a Reseller Sales Training / Workshop, followed by an Energy Terrain Reseller Agreement (ABN required) prior to commencing.

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