Flexible Solar Power Purchase Agreement


Energy Terrain delivers clean, low-cost electricity to businesses across Australia. No upfront investment needed. Helping businesses accelerate their uptake of renewable energy through Solar PPAs.

Clean Energy

Our clean solar energy installations displace the fossil fuels used by large retailers.

Low-Cost Energy

We sell the electricity from the solar system at 20-60% less than your energy retailers.

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Zero Investment

No upfront costs. We install, operate and maintain the solar equipment at our cost.

Fully Maintained

No maintenance headaches. We take care of inspections and repairs.

Get an Initial Assessment

for your suitability

for a Solar PPA


No Charge


No Obligations



Solar Power Purchase Agreements made simple

Fund, install & 

maintain solar system

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   Purchase clean,

low cost energy

Reduced reliance on more expensive energy retailer


Your Business

 Payments received for excess energy generated

Existing Energy retailer

Is it a good fit for your business?

Do you want to know much you will pay for energy in the future?

Price Certainty

Price Certainty

Do you want a

solution tailored

to your needs?

Flexible Agreements

Flexible Agreements

Lower Energy Costs

Do you want

lower energy

prices now?

Do you want

lower energy

prices now?

Savings from the Start

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Do you want

reduce your

carbon emissions?

Reduced Carbon Footprint

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Our Clients

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